Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kimmo's Korner - Scrafting

Years ago I had a friend start a blog and I thought maybe some day.  I was kind of busy and not sure what all I would put on it.  I did consider doing something related to recipes and my Pampered Chef business but it didn't happen.

Another thing over the years that I have wanted to do was to get all my scrapbooking items out and actually use them more often than once a year.  I received (purchased) a Cricut Expression for Christmas a year and a half ago and I thought I got this thing I need to use it.  My friend, Anne, got me hooked into the Cricut Message Board website and well my addiction has happened.  I did have some punches, stamps, some papers and other embellishments... just not as cool as what we use today.

Did you know if you don't do much for a while - so many new items come out and it seems I had missed out on learning some awesome techniques over the years.  Coloring stamps - not the way I used to do it where we colored the stamp quickly and then stamped it but stamping and coloring what is on the paper while blending the colors.  How about Tim?  I mean WOW what talent and creativeness!!  The vintage look is something I want to get better at doing along so many other things that have come out since I wasn't paying attention.  I am having so much fun crafting and learning scrapbooking techniques and so now comes along a blog where I can post what I make for family and friends, send and receive.

I have come to find that lately I am doing a mix of scrap booking and crafting and saw that someone else called it scrafting... that is what I am enjoying doing these days... so scrafting it is.

I will do my best to keep it up but for now... here we go!

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